Futures of the Study of Culture



The GGK/GCSC Anniversary Symposium “Futures of the Study of Culture” 2016:

When: July 7-8, 2016

Where: Alte Giesserei (Heyligenstaedt, Aulweg 41, 35392 Giessen).

2016 marks the ten-year anniversary of the GCSC and the fifteen-year anniversary of the GGK. In celebration of this anniversary year, we would like to invite you to join in on a conversation about future topics, challenges, and chances regarding the humanities and social sciences.

Together with international guests, we will direct our focus on the potential of and future developments within the Study of Culture. We will discuss socially crucial issues and tendencies in contemporary public discourse that influence the framework of the academic Study of Culture and the research profiles of the GCSC and GGK. In addition to debating recent developments and new directions in the Study of Culture, we will consider possible risks and controversies underlying these processes.

The anniversary symposium will feature presentations by internationally renowned scholars, such as Nicole Anderson (Macquarie University, Sydney), Peter Galison (Harvard University, Cambridge MA), Isabel Gil (Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon), Richard Grusin (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), Ursula Heise (University of California, Los Angeles), Andreas Reckwitz (Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder), Silke Schicktanz (University of  Göttingen), and Frederik Tygstrup (University of Copenhagen). Interactive roundtable discussions with some of our  Principal Investigators will allow us to continue the exchange with our audience.